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Times Quick Cryptic 1531 by Mara

I made heavy weather of this, probably down to the anagrams, and took 13 minutes. I hope it’s just me as, on review, I can’t see why I got held up.

I've had a bit of a tussle with the new livejournal editor. I can't seem to do anything with the extra spaces so let me know if it's a problem (for next time).


During prohibition, show disapproval of primate (6)

BABOON - during prohibition (BAN), show disapproval (BOO).

4. Successful striker, one making one's mark? (6)

SCORER - double definition.

9. Funny reason to embrace democrat in the end, US politician (7)

SENATOR - anagram (funny) of REASON embracing democra(T).

10. Sovereign added to rotten bid (5)

OFFER - sovereign (ER) added to rotten (OFF).

11. Star element (4)

LEAD - double definition.

12. Cautious individual, we hear? (8)

DISCREET - homophone of individual - discrete.

14. Tart up for this fantasy? (3,2,3,3)

PIE IN THE SKY - a tart (PIE) up (IN THE SKY).

18. Carving of mahogany for Scottish festival (8)

HOGMANAY - anagram (carving) of MAHOGANY.

20. Mix porridge (4)

STIR - double definition.

22. Hope last seen of apparent decay (5)

TRUST - as in ' I trust/hope you had a good time' - last seen of apparen(T), decay (RUST).

23. Ultimately, prerogative mine to assume the nickname (7)

EPITHET - ultimately prerogativ(E), mine (PIT) to assume (take inside) the (THE).

24. See anything but frozen water (6)

NOTICE - anything but frozen water (NOT ICE).

25. Drink reserved, also bottled (6)

SHANDY - reserved (SHY) bottling also (AND).


1. Subtle changes in old garment (6)

BUSTLE - anagram (changes) of SUBTLE.

2. Girl, one after boy from southern Asia (7)

BENGALI - girl (GAL) and one (I) after boy (LAD).

3. Written in memo, a thoughtless promise (4)

OATH - written in mem(O A TH)oughtlesss.

5. Little time invested in needlework, note (8)

CROTCHET - little time (T) invested in needlework (CROCHET).

6. Arm in error, if leg! (5)

RIFLE - in erro(R IF LE)g.

7. Something unusual I try to change under artist (6)

RARITY - anagram (to change) of I TRY underneath artist (RA).

8. Problem brewing artisan beer (11)

BRAINTEASER - anagram (brewing) of ARTISAN BEER.

13. Massive caper briefly following concert (8)

GIGANTIC - caper (ANTIC) following concert (GIG). Not sure why 'briefly' is in here. Any ideas anyone?

15. Desire in boy to see galley (7)

KITCHEN - desire (ITCH) inside boy (KEN).

16. Wrong keeping shed enclosed (4,2)

SHUT IN - wrong (SIN) holding shed (HUT).

17. Quite alluring (6)

PRETTY - double definition.

19. Noise coming from good little piggy? (5)

GRUNT - good (G), little piggy (RUNT of the litter). Partial &lit where the word play is also necessary to provide the definition.

21. Some crockery I’d upset: don’t say a word! (4)

DISH - I’d upset (DI), don’t say a word (SH).


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