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Times Quick Cryptic 1501 by Hurley

I can’t give a time as I’d just crept to the 10 minute mark with 1ac, 5ac, 11dn and 21ac yet to complete when I was interrupted. I came back to find the timer at an extremely large number.

Anyone who struggled and is wondering how people got faster times should realise that it’s all a continuum. The fast solvers here will look with equal awe at Mark Goodliffe's performance at the weekend - (to whom - well done!).

A brief note to other bloggers - I've been having problems copying into the blog and (despite trepidation) had to resort to the new editor version.  I hope it can be viewed OK.


1. At work see about upper limit, finding way out (6)

ESCAPE - anagram (at work) of SEE around (about) upper limit (CAP) - not an easy starter.

5. Dog with hardly any time to come in? (6)

CURFEW - dog (CUR), hardly any (FEW).

8. Proud now — unexpectedly getting a fall? (8)

DOWNPOUR - anagram (unexpectedly) of PROUD NOW.

9. Get tender initially with US soldier on return (4)

TWIG - (T)ender (W)ith, US soldier on return (GI backwards).

10. Just love Northern Line railway in the end (4)

ONLY - love (O), Norther(N) Lin(E) railwa(Y).

11. Derisive star having no time to meet academic in charge (8)

SARDONIC - star having no time (S)t(AR), academic (DON), in charge (IC).

12. Brief minute with the German bodyguard (6)

MINDER - brief minute (MIN), the in German (DER).

14. Tricks female animals, impressing Director-General? (6)

DODGES - female animals (DOES) taking aboard (impressing) Director-General.

16. Golf side’s sad, wretched existence (4,4)

DOG'S LIFE - anagram (sad) of GOLD SIDE.

18. From finalist, a brave attempt (4)

STAB - from finali(ST A B)rave.

20. Trip organised using rep first of all? (4)

TOUR - (T)rip (O)rganised (U)sing (R)ep. The definition being used with the parsing of this partial &lit.

21. Reckless one — drop out (8)

TEARAWAY - drop (TEAR), out (AWAY).

23. Calm, extremely sure at romantic meeting (6)

SEDATE - (S)ur(E), romantic meeting (DATE).

24. Person’s speciality encountered? That is right (6)

METIER - encountered - MET), that is (IE), right (R).


2. Second musical instrument cut (5)

SHORN - second (S)econd, instrument (HORN).

3. Girl and boy failing to start — editor cross (7)

ANNOYED - girl (ANN), boy failing to start b(OY), editor (ED).

4. Self-image, say, associated with Oscar (3)

EGO - say (EG), Oscar (O - phonetic alphabet).

5. Tottering, carried G&T in container (9)

CARTRIDGE - anagram (tottering) of CARRIED G and T.

6. A tango in Rio leading to relationship (5)

RATIO - a (A) and tango (T - phonetic alphabet) inside Rio (RIO).

7. English daughter with doubt over cool building (7)

EDIFICE - English (E), daughter (D), doubt (IF), over cool (ICE).

11. In street I’ve arranged something to assist consumer (9)

SERVIETTE - anagram (arranged) of STREET IN).

13. Brought up by hero, no-risk metal source (4,3)

IRON ORE - brought up (all upwards/backwards) of 'by' indicating inside/owned by the clue h(ERO NO RI)sk.

15. Aloof, I’d upset street worker (7)

DISTANT - I’d upset (DI), street (ST), worker (ANT).

17. Country, say, troika visited regularly (5)

SYRIA - (S)a(Y) t(R)o(I)k(A).

19. As you say, an inducement, moderate (5)

ABATE - homophone (as you say) of an inducement (a bait).

22. Target excellent month (3)

AIM - excellent (AI), month (M).


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