Times Quick Cryptic 1536 by Oink

An eminently 'do-able' QC which should have been quicker but I got held up with the many anagrams.

9 minutes still means on the quick side for me. The same (but different) devices being used in adjacent clues 5/9ac and 17/18dn seemed unusual - let me know if this isn’t.

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Times Quick Cryptic 1531 by Mara

I made heavy weather of this, probably down to the anagrams, and took 13 minutes. I hope it’s just me as, on review, I can’t see why I got held up.

I've had a bit of a tussle with the new livejournal editor. I can't seem to do anything with the extra spaces so let me know if it's a problem (for next time).

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Times Quick Cryptic 1501 by Hurley

I can’t give a time as I’d just crept to the 10 minute mark with 1ac, 5ac, 11dn and 21ac yet to complete when I was interrupted. I came back to find the timer at an extremely large number.

Anyone who struggled and is wondering how people got faster times should realise that it’s all a continuum. The fast solvers here will look with equal awe at Mark Goodliffe's performance at the weekend - https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/times-crossword-king-does-not-dither-in-regaining-his-crown-vmhrlhmrq (to whom - well done!).

A brief note to other bloggers - I've been having problems copying into the blog and (despite trepidation) had to resort to the new editor version.  I hope it can be viewed OK.

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Times Quick Cryptic 1466 by Joker

A QC which was so well devised that it led me the wrong way around most of the clues. I gave up on any thought of timings and settled down to work through and enjoy the cleverness of the clues and why some definitions were so unobvious. I struggled most when trying to finish in the NE but made it in the end.

For Jackkt (and anyone else) who has mentioned problems with reading the font, I would point out that the word in 3dn is BURN (not bum).

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Quick Cryptic 606 by Orpheus

A crossword of two halves - the right hand side being considerably swifter than the left. 13 minutes in total which puts this in my 'medium difficulty' bracket.
Being from Norfolk, the resort wasn't a problem - neither were the couple of less usual bits of vocabulary as the clues were clear. 5d caused a chuckle and some admiration at the clever word play.


8. Cadaver - body. Man (Dave) found in estate (car).
9. Lathi - bamboo stick (a long heavy wooden stick used as a weapon in India, esp by the police). In Bhopa(l a thi)ck.
10. Deter - prevent. Browsers (deer) consuming (t)ree.
11. Amperes - current measures. A (a), political (MP), before (ere), (s)peech.
12. Thrifty - economical. Break (rift) inside your old (thy).
14. Addle - go off - which can also be applied to 'overcome by drink' - which makes this a clever word play. Theologian (DD) overcome by (around which is) drink (ale).
15. Offal - refuse. (F)ound inside old (O) and Cornish river (Fal).
17. Retract - withdraw. Pamphlet (tract) by military engineers (RE).
19. Limpopo - African river. Flabby (limp), old (O), petty officer (PO).
20. Dress - double definition.
22. Pulse - double definition.
23. Tuesday - 24 hours. Anagram (new) of DUET SAY.


1. Scad - fish - any of various carangid fishes of the genus Trachurus, esp the horse mackerel. Unhappy (sad) around cold (c).
2. Editor - newspaper boss. We see 'ed' used so often in word play - good to see it as a definition. European (e), girl (Di), rubbish (rot) upwards.
3. Over - a spell of cricket. Duke (d) leaves d(over).
4. Great Yarmouth - Norfolk resort. Anagram (odd) of TO MARRY AT HUGE.
5. Elephant - jumbo. Anagram (flying) of THE PLANE. COD.
6. Stared - gawped. Way (St - street), a (a), left winger (red).
7. Misspent - squandered. Girl (miss), writer (pen), time (t).
12. Trollope - novelist. Bap possibly (roll) inside (eaten by) leading (top), English (E).
13. Follower - attendant. Understand (follow), King Edward (ER).
16. Family - kinsfolk. (F)rost(y) around an anagram (junk) of MAIL.
18. Agenda - meeting schedule. Woman (Ada) around information (gen).
20. Deep - extending far down. Scottish river (Dee), quiet (p).
21. Stye - eyesore. Filthy place (sty), promenad(e).

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Have been so grateful for the explanations of the occasionally un-gettable clues that I decided to join up. This a test post to see if it goes to the right place.